Dr Gonzalo E. Díaz Murillo


Color 3-D / 4-D Telesonography

Telesonography means Remote Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound. 3-D stands for incremental volume reconstruction and 4-D stands for 3-D along time. i.e. 3-D video. With 3-D/4-D telesonography we will not need trained people at the remote end. If we link an automatic 3-D multifrequency probe, a PC (or a proper ultrasound scanner), an interface between the PC and the probe, proper software and ultrafast (ultrawide) data transmission media like Internet 2, we will get an excellent way to do remote ultrasound diagnosis. Add 3-D/4-D color processing (under research by us) and we get fast and reliable remote diagnostic ultrasound. We need more research to develop 3-D/4-D telesonography but conditions are ready. Automatic Color 4-D telesonography is under development, too. 3-D/4-D telesonography will make easier medical diagnosis by adding volume to images transmission.