Dr Gonzalo E. Díaz Murillo




A new generation of health care with communication technology

  1. Quantum computing and eHealth
  2. Color tissue image enhancement
  3. Structure recognition
  4. Artificial intelligence health applications and Better diagnostic software  
  5. 3-D/4-D telesonography with automatic especial probes so that no trained people are needed at the machine end. This will spread the diagnostic ultrasound benefits to remote areas, even from out space
  6. Structure recognition. Modeling
  7. Telecommunications and health services
  8. Quantum computing medical uses 
  9. Remote thermal digital imaging diagnosis
  10. Telesonography

The color post-processing technique is not part of this project. It is shown here just as an example of our results and can be negotiated.

Before signing any non disclosure letter I would appreciate your letting me know your general proposal (objectives, resources, support, legal requirements, location, partners, required time, etc., and the benefits for both sides), without disclosing any confidential information.

All the public information I can give about my project is published on these pages. Please, feel free to review all the documentation you need.

Gonzalo E. Diaz M.D.

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