Dr Gonzalo E. Díaz Murillo


About Dr. Gonzalo E. Díaz M.


Dr. Gonzalo E. Díaz is an independent physician specialized on diagnostic ultrasound with a +36 year experience on that area since 1981.

Got his medical degree in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 1978. Expert on most ultrasound scans, intracavitary and intraoperatory ultrasound examinations, and ultrasound guided biopsies. Dr. Diaz is recognized for the outstanding quality of his diagnosis, and computer and software knowledge. Innovated several applications of diagnostic ultrasound, such as endometriosis ultrasound diagnosis, Ultrasound color (1994), the Premium Medical Checkup, urosonography, transrectal examination of the female pelvis, gastrosonography, create medical diagnostic software, etc.

Author of about 20 original papers regarding diagnostic ultrasound. Dr. Diaz developed the color post- processing technique for diagnostic ultrasound and started working on telesonography (ultrasound remote diagnosis) in 1994. Tests ultrasound scanners and provides consulting service for ultrasound.

Fluent in computers and the Internet with 20+ year experience on the first, and 11+ years on the second. His experience includes Windows/DOS, Unix, HTML programming and wide range of applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, databases, image processing software, communications, MS FrontPage, PowerPoint,  Visual FoxPro, C++ and Basic, etc.

Creates source code for ultrasound diagnosis, initially on C++ and Basic. Has also written medical applications with data bases, spreadsheets and mixed applications.

Got excellent surgical, obstetrical and gynecological experience. Certificated on laparoscopy, quit it to dedicate full time to ultrasound.

Lecturer and consultant

Followed many extracurricular courses regarding diagnostic ultrasound.

Member of the AIUM

Published articles:

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