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Premium Medical Checkup
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A thorough Medical examination

3 hours! No hospitalization, no pain, no risks, no radiation. 19 C.A.D. Color Sonograms 99.8% sensitive

USA $1250= (aprox. Depending on money market)

Why would you need our Premium Medical Checkup?

  1. You are feeling healthy but want to be sure you do not have any hidden illness that could be treated before it is too late.
  2. You are feeling bad but do not know exactly what to tell your doctor
  3. You are losing weight with no explanation
  4. You have an erectile dysfunction
  5. You have symptoms but your lab tests and doctors say you are Ok
  6. You have Infertility
  7. You have Obesity



Based on:

  1. Ultrasound color post processing
  2. C.A.D; Computer Aided Diagnosis with proprietary software

99.8% Sensitivity measured as percentage of positive patients (positive=detected pathology). It means that out of 1000 patients we found important diseases in 998 patients.

Many diseases show similar signs and many do not produce any sign at all until they have advanced too much to be cured.

Peptic ulcer, gallstones and pancreatitis show identical signs: abdominal pain, burning, feeling bloated after fatty meals, nausea and vomiting. Blind treatments fail and mask important signs while the disease gets worse.

Headaches can come from migraine, tumors, diabetes, hypoglycemia, low or high blood pressure, infections, etc. They need different treatments although their signs are similar, maybe identical.

Diagnosing a disease does not discard others. For instance, a backache can be attributed to a kidney infection, but uterine fibroids cause identical pain. Treating the first does not cure the second. Most backaches are diagnosed as a backbone condition. Thousands of  people with abdominal pain take antibiotics and digestive enzymes, while they really have tumors, cysts, stones, etc, where antibiotics and digestive enzymes are not useful at all

Lab tests like CBC (Complete blood count), BUN (Blood urea nitrogen), urine analysis, etc., are not specific and can be normal while the patient is very ill. Tumors, stones, chronic diseases, cysts, etc. make patients get used to their signs. For instance, fibroids usually bloat the low abdomen with no pain at early stages. Women usually take pills for their pain and digestive enzymes. In the mean time, their fibroids keep growing.

X-rays might be dangerous and unnecessary. Diagnostic ultrasound replaces them for soft tissue (abdomen, thyroid, eyes, breast, etc.), and sometimes, when examining joints, cartilage and small bones.

Women might think they are pregnant because of a delayed period. However tumors bloat the abdomen and might delay their periods, too. Pregnancy tests are not reliable at all because they are indirect, i.e., they do not show the pregnancy but a substance normally produced during pregnancy and some diseases as well.. What if the pregnancy is not normal? What if a tumor like a mole is producing the substances detected by the pregnancy test? What if they have an ectopic pregnancy? What if a miscarriage? Too many questions to rely on a simple indirect lab test. Most lab tests work the same.

Vaginal bleeding can be caused by different diseases such as hormonal disorders, endometrial hyperplasia, cervicitis, tumors, placenta previa, miscarriage, etc. The bleeding caused by them simulates a normal period. This bleeding is usually mistreated with estrogen reducing or even stopping the bleeding, and making tumors bigger (well known estrogen effect) . What if a woman with a false negative pregnancy test associated to vaginal bleeding caused by a placenta previa receives estrogen? It happens quite often.

Healing possibilities are higher, when we detect diseases at early stages, before signs and pain appear. This is specially true for cancer.

Our Premium Medical Checkup provides the best diagnosis, with no risks, no pain, no needles, no hospitalization, no radiation and it is very fast. There is no chance to transmit any infection including AIDS. We use a proprietary technique: Ultrasound Color Post processing plus  computer aided diagnosis with proprietary software, plus a  complete physical examination that you  have not ever seen. That is: Our Premium Medical Checkup.

Our Premium Medical Checkup detects much more diseases than any other available method, because of the technique itself, and because of the time, care and resources we use for each patient. Our Premium Medical Checkup finds conditions undetected by other means and does it at very early stages. That is why our Premium Medical Checkup is also a preventive technique.

We also will recommend what you should do as part of our written report.

Our Premium Medical Checkup is usually enough to define proper management. It prevents you from going from one physician to another, from one laboratory to another, from one specialist to another and mainly, from a treatment to another, repeatedly.

Main Advantages

  1. More sensitivity: It detects many more diseases than any other system
  2. Prostate + Uro  C.A.D Color ultrasound included that may avoid prostate biopsy
  3. Safe: You will not be exposed to radiation, contrast media, allergic reactions, infections, AIDS, nor any other risk
  4. Fast. You just need 3 hours of your valuable time. Results next week day!
  5. It does not hurt
  6. Report on CD. Your images will stay safe for about 200 years and you can copy and print them as many times as you wish

If you are in a hurry we can send you your full report and images by e-mail

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