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Creative diagnostic ultrasound techniques such as color post processing, C.A.D. (Computer Aided Diagnosis)  and Ultrasound Tissue image enhancement. eHealth techniques such as modeling, structure recognition, quantum computing for medical applications. Diagnostic ultrasound improved with telematics (Telecommunications and informatics). Ultrasound tissue image enhancement with color processing technique. 3-D Ultrasound remote diagnosis (telesonography), telemedicine and color 3-D ultrasound. Grayscale and color ultrasound pictures (unique images). Consultation. Diagnostic Software development and telesonography systems assembling. Ultrasound mailing list.


Sonography basis

  1. Ultrasound definition. (Physics)
  2. Velocity of sound in some Biological Materials. Impedance. (Physics)
  3. Ultrasound Frequency and Resolution
  4. First use of ultrasound technique in Medicine
  5. Main differences between ultrasound and X-rays
  6. Ultrasound safety information
  7. Interesting information in regard to ultrasound
  8. Ultrasound images

  9. Something about ultrasound physics

Creative work for high tech medicine. eHealth

  1. eHealth
  2. Quantum computing and medicine
  3. The real world: ultrasound, computer science, operator's skills
  4. Obstetric software (prenatal ultrasound) More medical software available
  5. Ultrasound and telematics
  6. Ultrasound Color Imaging (no Doppler)
  7. Compare a standard sonogram with a color post-processed one
  8. Color sonogram. Sample image
  9. 3-D color ultrasound
  10. 3-D remote color diagnostic ultrasound

Better diagnosis with ultrasound

  1. Better Breast Cancer Detection with Ultrasound
  2. Endometriosis and ultrasound
  3. Endometriosis: ultrasound outperforming laparoscopy



  1. Telematics, Medical imaging
  2. C.A.D. (Computer Aided Diagnosis)
  3. Modeling. Structure recognition
  4. Medical software algorithms
  5. Telesonography and Telemedicine 
  6. Medical Imaging - Images. Color processing
  7. Consultancy
  8. Testing ultrasound machines

Diagnostic ultrasound

  1. Sonograms. Intraoperative ultrasound. Ultrasound guided biopsies
  2. Telesonography (ultrasound remote diagnosis)
  3. Unique checkup with ultrasound and diagnostic software integration


  1. Telesonography -ultrasound remote diagnosis.

Creative work  

  1. New ideas regarding diagnostic ultrasound
  2. Medical Software. Algorithms development. Diagnostic ultrasound: software sample
  3. More ideas, solutions, inventions, research and development.

Availability of techniques presented in this web site



Radiology cartel: Colombia and its radiology cartel

  1. eHealth

  2. Telesonography

  3. Quantum computing

  4. Ideas

  5. C.A.D Color ultrasound

  6. Colombian Radiology corruption

  7. Air Pollution in Bogotá, Colombia