Dr Gonzalo E. Díaz Murillo


Official Statement of the

American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine


"Approved March 1993, March 1983

Diagnostic ultrasound has been in use since the late 1950's (* ). No confirmed adverse biological effects on patients resulting from this usage have ever been reported. Although no hazard has been identified that would preclude the prudent and conservative use of diagnostic ultrasound in education and research, experience from normal diagnostic practice may or may not be relevant to extended exposure times and altered exposure conditions. It is therefore considered appropriate to make the following recommendation:

In those special situations in which examinations are to be carried out for purposes other than direct medical benefit to the individual being examined, the subject should be informed of the anticipated exposure conditions, and of how these compare with conditions for normal diagnostic practice. "

(* ) It really was used since 1942. This remark is from Dr. Gonzalo Diaz M.